Vas Zayarskiy

Product at Reaktor Education
I'm with Reaktor Education, working on the Elements of AI product direction, i.e. listening to your experience and trying to make Elements of AI better for you.
Thanks for posting this one, should be really helpful to the community! Out of curiosity, what hardware/software did you use for the hand-drawn parts?
Hi Lesly, welcome to our community! Do you find practical applications for AI in legal field?
 AshikoWest  unfortunately we can't migrate Spectrum content, but the good news are that the conversations there will still be available, albeit in read-only form.
 Sanna  Yeah I was trying to figure out how topics work here, and if we could have them as a separate dimension. Reached out to support, they might give us some advice. Otherwise might raise this in the call today, ask what could be the best way. Trying to figure out what could be the least cluttered way to organize the sidebar.